Mazda Teases Interior of All-New BT-50 Compact Pickup Truck

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In anticipation of the all-new BT-50's launch that will take place at next week's 2010 Australian International Motor Show in Sydney, Mazda has released a second teaser drawing of its compact pickup truck. This time, it's the BT-50's interior design that we get a peek at.

At least from the sketch, the cockpit looks very passenger-car-like featuring a modern design with a wrap-around dashboard layout and a relatively sporty instrument panel with two prominent and deeply set gauges.

Here's what Mazda had to say about the BT-50's cabin: "The interior of the All-New Mazda BT-50 has been designed to complement its athletic and refined exterior design and offers a comfortable and sporty environment to rival Mazda's current passenger car standard."

The Japanese automaker is pitching the new BT-50 not only for what it is - a compact pickup truck, but also as an "active lifestyle vehicle" and a "realistic alternative to the family wagon and 4x4 SUV."

The BT-50 will be joined in Sydney by its Ford sibling, the all-new 2011 Ranger. Both compact trucks are scheduled to go on sale globally (but not in the U.S.) in the second quarter of 2011.


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