Mitsubishi i Miev Sports Concept

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Mitsubishi unveiled i Miev Sport concept at the 2007 Tokyo auto show. i Miev Sport has a simple and fluid exterior and interior design, the layout provides optimal distribution of weight. This futuristic electric car has a sporty performance and spacious interior. This concept car has an aluminum space frame body structure to minimize it’s weight. i Miev also has three permanent magnetic synchronous motors. As environmental considerations, on the roof of i Miev sport an auxiliary photovoltaic generator was installed for energy saving.

i Miev has a sporty, spacious and dynamic interior. The interior gives the security and comfort feelings to the user. Mitsubishi also gives excellent occupant protection from collisions from any direction, even when colliding with a vehicle of different height or weight.

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i Miev Sport Specifications :

Introduced at : 2007 Tokyo Auto Show

Dimensions :

length ; width ; height : 3,450 [mm] ; 1,600 [mm] ; 1,400 [mm]

Body Weight : 970 kg

Body Structure : aluminum space frame

Engine :

Motors : Permanent magnetic synchronous motors

Front : In-wheel motors

Rear : Single motor

Max. output Front : 20kW 2; Rear: 47kW

Max. torque Front : 250 Nm 2; Rear: 180 Nm

Range (10-15 Mode) : 200km

Max. Speed : 180km/h

Wheelbase : 2,550 [mm]

Track (F/R) : 1,405/1,405 [mm]

Tires : 175/40R17

Interior :

Seating capacity : 2 + 2

Nissan Pivo 2 Concept

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Nissan Pivo 2 concept was unveiled at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show. It runs on compact Lithium-ion battery. Nissan Pivo 2 has a rotating cabin and wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, this feature allows easy parking. This cool car also has a Robotic Agent, robotic agent is a voice recognizing interface. This feature allows the car to detect and conclude the driver’s mental state by facial expressions and by voice patterns. With this robotic agent you could ask for directions or the nearest parking space or even basic vehicle functions. This feature is available in English and Japanese languages.

The design of Pivo 2 is very unique and futuristic, it has a round dome as it’s main shape with four small wheels. The chassis of the car doesn't have a front or back, instead the dome revolves, letting the driver face whichever direction needs to be front. The Interior of the car also has a dome shape and the dashboard looks like a toy car.

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Nissan Pivo 2 Specifications:

Introduced at : 2007 Tokyo Auto Show

Engine : Energy consumption of a conventional lightweight vehicle

Torque equivalent : V8 4.5L engine (528Nm) (twice the torque output of a conventional electric motor)

Power equivalent : 2.5L engine .

Battery : The new lithium-ion battery (twice the energy density of conventional batteries

Brake : Regenerative braking (Battery capacity has doubled and energy efficiency is improved by better response to regenerative braking).

Special Features :

Robotic Agent : Inferring a driver’s mental state by facial expressions and by voice patterns

Metamo System : a new concept which enables independent control of each wheel (The angles and position of the wheels are controlled to ensure an even load across the chassis to match driving conditions. This optimizes load distribution and ensures stability with minimum body movement during acceleration, deceleration, braking and cornering). The use of In-wheel 3D Motors and X by-Wire technologies.

The Futuristic Concept of Mazda Taiki

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Mazda Taiki has a very unique shape and the concept is based of a front-engine rear-wheel drive layout. The design of this concept car were inspired by flowing robes, it has a complex styling lines which represent the flow of air and it’s looks like a highly stylized sheetmetal sculpture. Mazda Taiki is the latest radical concepts that express organic themes from Mazda.

From the press release they claimed that Mazda Taiki reflects a future generation of Mazda sports cars that aim to create a sustainable society. Mazda Taiki based on the "flow" theme to establish a breathtaking presence which visually expresses the atmosphere (called taiki in Japanese) that wraps the Earth in its protective mantle. The basic proportions of the car begin with the stretched coupe form of a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, the short overhangs, and an all-glass canopy.

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The Interior concept was based on an Air-tube, the interior space creates the dynamic sensation that the flow of the wind is being visually depicted. The effect of the design integrates the design theme perfectly to realize outstanding aerodynamic performance.

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Mazda Taiki Specifications :

General Specifications :

Country of Origin : Japan

Numbers built : Not Available (Prototype)

Produced in : 2007

Introduced at : 2007 Tokyo Motorshow

Engine Type : Next Generation RENESIS

Transmission Type : Dry twin clutch 7-speed power shift

Suspension (Front/Rear) : Type Double wishbone

Tires : 195/40 R22 YOKOHAMA ADVAN Super-E spec PROTOTYPE 007